Indonesia has the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17,500 beautiful islands to visit. Cruising between the Indonesian islands you will be amazed of the diversity, the culture and the personality of each and every island. There is a reason why Indonesia's national motto is

"Unity in Diversity"

Indonesia has a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Aside of species of fauna familiar to both Asia and Australia, there are species indigenous to Indonesia. The orangutan apes of Sumatra and Kalimantan, the giant komodo lizards roaming free on the island of Komodo, the one-horned rhinoceros of Java, the wild banteng (oxen), tigers and many other species which are now protected in wildlife reserves.

In the past, Indonesia saw the reign of hundreds of ancient kingdoms all over the archipelago. This gave birth to various traditional customs, arts, and culture, as well as historical sites and relics. For instance, by the Seventh Century, the powerful Buddhist Kingdom of Sriwijaya was expanding and it was during that period the spectacular Borobudur sanctuary was built in Central Java.

The Thirteenth Century witnessed the rise of Hinduist Majapahit Empire in East Java, which united the whole of what is now modern day Indonesia and parts of the Malay Peninsula. The great empire fell after two centuries, leaving Indonesia back to separate, small kingdoms, which were easy prey for European invasions. But united for all these kingdoms were, that they to this date, are left with their own proud culture and religion.

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